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“…Ralf Kircher is pulling all the strings – it is mere pleasure to watch him synchronising even the smallest details…”

Hufvudstadsbladet (Finland)


“…Turku Philharmonics’ conductor Ralf Kircher was at his best in creating all the different flavours and emotions. His outstanding musical visions arose clearly in both the quiet and the strong sections – obviously, Kircher enjoys great contrasts in music…”

Turun Sanomat (Finland)


“…Kircher conducts with ravishing gesture, astonishing easing and precise control over the musical happenings… He was truly confident from the beginning up to the end…”

Hufvudstadsbladet (Finland)


“…The Brucknerorchestra scintillated under Ralf Kircher’s masterful conduction… The performance presented huge romantic gestures and lines, the sound was mere magic. It was soulful and sensational, emphatic and convincing, colourful and intensive…”

Oberösterreichische Nachrichten (Austria)


“…Ralf Kircher’s interpretation of Webern’s Im Sommerwind was truly full of raffinesse… hardly audible pianissimi and the most tender expression throughout the smallest rhythmic and melodic sequences created an atmosphere reminding to nature’s etheric breeze. The orchestra followed its conductor devotedly… In Bruckner’s 6th symphony he proved himself farseeing concerning the process of musical development… nothing remained unsaid, the coposer’s longwinded language was clearly declaimed… The conductor fulfilled the composer’s wish for simplicity, transparency, power and expressional intensity. Ralf Kircher’s performance provided us with a special musical treat.”

Vecer (Slovenia)


“…The Austrian Ralf Kircher knows the musical style and traditions like his own pocket, and due to his exemplarily discrete bodylanguage and to his absolutely natural and sincere way of making music he succeeded in getting astonishingly lot out of the score. The cooperation with the orchestra’s musicians works without any problems, the tempi felt well chosen all the time and, after all, Kircher has made a lot of effort to have the balance of colours and sound work optimally.”

Hufvudstadsbladet (Finland)


“…Kircher got everything out of the orchestra: the spectrum of sound covered the excitement of explosive power as well as the intimacy of most distinctive nuances of colours. An evening full of intensity and thrill – we could see and hear how even the orchestra was carried along by its guest conductor…”

Pohjolan Sanomat (Finland)


“…The discovery of the evening was Ralf Kircher: he managed to get the best out of the orchestra during last Friday’s concert… playing of such delicacy that had not been heard here before…  Wonderful Brahms: not executed, not celebrated, but: just full of music! We all enjoyed the perfect harmony between the pianist and the conductor and his orchestra… Excitement also after the intermission: however difficult Bartok’s “Concerto for Orchestra” might be – the performance was so full of vitality and fluidity as it should be.”

Kronenzeitung (Austria)


“…Webern’s ‘Six pieces’ still sound revolutionaryly: the orchestra presented subtle combinations of colours and delicate chambermusic-like transparence… Bartok’s effectful ‘Concerto for Orchestra’ aroused like a firework: both the conductor and the orchestra performed with high concentration…  Excitement until the fulminant finale.”

Kleine Zeitung (Austria)


“…the conductor Ralf Kircher is known already as a young and effective one amongst the conductors which we meet nowadays working with all kinds of ensembles. His precise conducting style is promising a lot for the future… From the very beginning on Kircher managed to build up good contact to the orchestra… His interpretation of the symphony was deep and exciting. The orchestra was fantastically well prepared. It was a pleasure to listen to the wonderfully accurate and clean playing of the horns and the other woodwinds. The evening was one of the best in this season…”

Pohjalainen (Finland)


“…Kircher represents the generation of conductors who conduct the music with their full soul and body… His conducting was full of dedication, nevertheless economical, again broad and energetic. He seemed to respect and love the orchestra…”

Kaleva (Finland)


“…Kircher’s conducting gestures are most functional and discrete, he does not seem to have any problems whatsoever of communicating with the orchestra’s musicians… His interpretation was emotional, deeply touching, formally convincing…”

Hufvudstadsbladet (Finland)


“…The real discovery of the evening was the conductor Ralf Kircher. He is none other than multitalented… He conducted with exactness and precision, and at the same time full of self evidence and natural elegance…”

Hufvudstadsbladet (Finland)

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